Following the Success of the rock opera RENT, Queer theater shot up into the mainstream. 30 years later, the influence of queer theater is still rippling throughout the world. The University of Maryland Baltimore County is embracing this evolution with their Black Box performance of, SHOUT, The Queer Theater Project. A collection of scenes, songs, and monologues that showcase queer theater history. How has the theater world adapted to this change over this 30 year period?
Victoria Leacock-Hoffman
Gerrad Alex-Taylor
Nigel Semaj
Marlon T. Brown, Jr
Nikki Ann Hartman
Ifechukwu"ife" Alachebe
Lexi Rene
Zach Shields
Director: Sean DiGiorgio
Sound: Lucas Sanchez
Lighting: Jadyn Fleming
Production Assistant: Dario Prioleau
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